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Mellow Fly 24V/48V HV TMC5160 Pro V1.2 Stepper Motor Driver

Mellow Fly 24V/48V HV TMC5160 Pro V1.2 Stepper Motor Driver

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The Mellow Fly 24V/48V HV TMC5160 Pro V1.2 is an external high voltage stepper motor driver designed with safety in mind. It supports 24-48V input and can handle up to a 6A current for high speed and torque. With gold-plated PCB copper and 2oz thickness and 470uf capacitors, this product is suitable for Marlin/RRF/Klipper firmware's.



TMC5160 supports trapezoidal curve acceleration

The TMC5160 benefits from a high-precision chopper algorithm, No noise in operation, low common-shock

  • Step/direction interface with micro step interpolation micro Plyer
  • The highest resolution is 256 subdivisions
  • Support stealthChop2 silent work and smooth motion
  • Supports resonance suppression for mid-range resonance
  • Support spreadCycle high dynamic motor control chopper
  • Support dcStep load related speed control
  • Supports stallGuard2 high-precision sensorless motor load detection
  • Support cool Step current control, which can achieve up to 75% energy saving

You need to modify the reference resistor of the TMC5160 in the firmware 0.033

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