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The Goliath Hotend

The Goliath Hotend

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The Goliath, a high flow hot end optimized for high speed printing.

  • 50mm long meltzone
  • Nickle-plated Copper Heat Block, with built in 100W 24V heater element
  • Bi-Material Copper-Zirconia Heatbreak, standard Chimera type
  • Replaceable PT1000 M3 Brass Thermistor
  • Aluminum Heatsink (water-cooled or air-cooled)
  • Ability to print at temperatures up to 550c
  • Designed with 9mm flats to assist with nozzle changes
  • Uses V6-type nozzles, compatible with Bozzle
  • Includes silicone sock rated to 300c
  • Watercooled variant includes water fittings
  • Air cooled variant does NOT include fans
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